Oct 17, 2007

hedgehog snuffles
in naked raspberry bush
betrayer autumn
ežiukas pukši
plikam aviečių krūme
tas šelmis ruduo


Tikkis said...

We have some raspberry marmalade left, having it with my morning porridge.

Here the hedgehogs ought to be gone sleeping already. If some-one still seen awake, it is kind of civil disobedience?

Ričardas said...

it is exactly what I'm saying - autumn is too warm, at least for a nice hedghogs sleep

Tikkis said...

Yes, so it is. Too warm.
What to do?
Someone says it's too late already.

Ričardas said...

I wonder if cool Heineken beer could help in cooling down the planet to let the hedghogs sleep? Maybe not...

Tikkis said...

Ha! I must tell you, I have a long poem (In Finnish) included some Heineken Beer...

Earlier I preferred Amstel beer; I served Finnish Navy and our frigate visited also Amsterdam; the crew was visiting Amstel Breveries and we tasted some good Amstel Beer!

I still remember it, that was quite a long time ago!

Cool down, me, this is a poetry blog!

Ričardas said...

Well, beer and navy could be very poetic subjects. A topic to think about.

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