Nov 13, 2007

early snow –
butterfly blooms
in cold cover
rudenio pokštas –
drugiu po sniegu tupi
žiedas raudonas

p.s. Those using MS Internet Explorer may see picture in black and white then please, click on the picture to see it in colours. I am trying to fix the problem but no luck so far. If you have suggestions you could safe my life.


WorkingWords100 said...

Ricardas, there is no snow in New Orleans. Yesterday, I was wearing sandals and shorts.

Envy on the snow.

It doesn't feel like Fall or Winter here.

Masago said...

It's blooming for all its worth...

Ashi said...

Hi Ricardas, yes the pictures improve by the colour, although both version are nice piece of work.
Your blog structure small picture, poem in english and lithuania' is very good, like that.

Tikkis said...

About Explorer: Use Mozilla Firefox
and save your life!

Ps. My blog is neither OK in Explorer. Mozilla is much more better one!

Even blooming butterflies love Mozilal!

Ričardas said...

Workingwords100 - I hope you won't have snow in New Orleans so you have some motivation to travel north to write snow haiku.

Masago - I agree with your nice words

Ashi - thanks for visiting and I'm glad you like my site

Tikkis - thanks, I do use firefox to see my pictures in colours but 70 % of visitors use Explorer so they don't get real picture

Tikkis said...

I'm following visitors only in my Finnish-language blog, and there is in use 43% Mozilla, 32 Explorer and 19 % Netscape.
When on duty I must use Explorer, but I don't 'surf' so much when in duty, so no problem?
I think there is something in Blogspot's 'inside settings', also?
In my real home page there are some photos and all those OK with Explorer.

Tell everybody to use Mozilla :-)

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