Nov 9, 2007

Haiku game

We have a game called ‘broken telephone’ in Lithuania. A sentence is passed through a chain of people by whispering it to a person next to you, then he/she whispers further on and so till the last person who announces loudly what he/she have heard. Normally, it is different from what initially was said and more people participate funnier it ends up.I thought why not to bring some fun into haiku writing. So, please, join me in a little game. Rules are simple. You have to email me your name, city, country, email address and indicate languages that you can use for reading or writing haiku. One language is fine too. I’ll make a chain of participants and send a haiku to the first one. Then, inspired by that haiku the participant has to write his own one in the same or another language and send it to me. And so on, until the last person. Then, all chain will be published here and we will see if we want to repeat it.More people will participate, more fun we get, so please, spread the word to the world and comment here if you have suggestions. I’ll be waiting for 1st round registrations until November 16th. The game starts now!

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