Nov 7, 2007

It was snowing for a few hours in the morning. Some snow still shines in twilight – what a poetic reminder to get winter tyres.

guests arrive
the cat rolls itself up
on a car hood
svečiai atvyko --
ant variklio dangčio
rainas kamuolys

Iš ryto snigo kelias valandas. Šiek tiek sniego vis dar boluoja vakaro prietemoje – poetiškas priminimas pasikeisti padangas.


floots said...

i love my cat - so also loved this :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice, but I'm not really ready for cold! :)

Ričardas said...

Thanks floots, I love both of my cats that I keep coming back to the topic from time to time.
Andrew, I wish I never have to be ready for it but... it snows again.

Patois said...

That's a delightful image. Lovely haiku.

Sandy said...

I envy you the make me long for it with your haiku...very well done. Cats a so smart, they know where to get some warmth.


Ričardas said...

Patois and Sandy thanks for coming. Sandy, please don't envy because it's already gone and we are back to cold rain. So, now you can read my earlier haiku about cat in rain :)

Tikkis said...

I still have my summer tyres, but I'm going to change those during this weekend, although having now one week free time, so I think I don't need that car.

I should need sometimes your cat/cats; the birds are often staining my car's hood :-(

polona said...

clever cat - she knows where to find warmth.
winter tyres are compulsory here from november 15 to march 15 but no snow yet (thank goodness)

Ričardas said...

Tikkis, I'm always glad to see you here and I will think about your request to send you my cat.

Polona, thanks for visiting. I agree that cats are clever although that comes with the age. Small kittens tend to look for warm places under the hood and that may cause some problems.

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