Dec 31, 2007


I wish you all a happy haiku year – too short to be bored, long enough to enjoy.

fireworks thunder
the snowfall continues
into New Year
saliutų griausmas
o snaigės tokios tylios
kaip ne Naujaisiais

Linkiu visiems laimingų haiku metų – per trumpų atsibosti, pakankamai ilgų džiaugtis.


John McDonald said...

have a peaceful new year

sakuo said...

Thank you Ričardas san for your coming to my site and placing your kind comment that is very interest.
I found firstly Lithuania haiku that are very critical.
If you have a page referring to Issa, let me know the date or number.


Borut said...

The fire of illumination... Life is life... Happy New Year, Ričardas!:)

Tikkis said...

Today, New Year's ewe, we had some snow! I am just going to warm up our sauna. After that we are sheltering ourselves behind locked doors; every years battle is again excepting: Rockets! Bombs! Anarchy! But hoping the best and most peaceful New Year for you!

Ron Eklof said...

Gott nytt år... I'm learning a bit of Swedish as that's where my father was born.
May the new year bring joy and interesting days to you and yours.

Mistletoe still hangs
Here's a kiss for the new year
A hug for today

polona said...

thank you and a happy and creative new year to you, too!

gop32000 said...

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you,
Deep peace of the shining stars to you,
Deep peace of the shades of night to you,
Moon and stars always giving light to you.

~ Gaelic blessing

Masago said...

New Year Greetings!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Ha! I just heard fireworks! It's 12:30 am here now.

haiku-shelf said...

Happy New Year!
Joy, health and success!

Best wishes,

Sandy said...

Happy New Year to you, Ricardas. I've been reading many fine NY haiku and I must say yours is one of the best I've read...very VERY well done. If you keep this up you are going to have a very fine new year of haiku for us all to enjoy.

Stay warm, my friend.


Nora said...

Happy New Year, Ricardas. There were lots of fireworks here too. I like the contrast of fireworks exploding and snow softly falling.

USpace said...

Excellent! Great New York image! Happy New Year Ričardas, have a great 2008! Thanks for all your visits.

speed of life
time accelerates
- another year



When you tread

Your way, always go to the end.
In spring, to a flower so sweet,
In summer, to a shower of wheat,
In autumn, to pantries that glow,
In winter, to the lady of snow,
In life, to the truth that is thine,
Until colour leaks into your cheeks.
And if you don’t climb the first time,
To the top and reap the best crop,
Try it once more
And over
And over again.

(Tone Pavček)


Paul Damien Ellithorpe, aka Nowzenpaul said...

this is a wonderful image of
continuation and movement,
a sort of suspended time
of joy.

Thank you, Paul

Have a wonderful year.

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