Oct 26, 2007

I see a tit visiting from north busy preparing nest in the crack of the building. Winter is inevitable but still – I get surprised by it every year.

migrant tit
settling in the wall crack
all in wait
priklydus zylė
kuriasi sienos plyšy
visi laukime

Matau iš šiaurės atvykusią zylę, besikuriančią pastato sienos plyšyje. Žiema neišvengiama, bet aš kiekvienais metais vis nustembu jos sulaukęs.


Borut said...

The tit - a bit of a surprise!:)

Ackworth Born said...

good ku

I've a number of tits hovering around our bird-feeder at present.

Gunfighter said...


Masago said...


Ričardas said...

Thanks to all for visiting my humble arbour :)

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