Oct 25, 2007

I was out of the country visiting Brussels for a few days. Nothing has changed back here with exception of few leaves that landed during my absence. I’ve missed the glory of their final act.
touch on cheek
to the wind’s tune
leaf falls
paliečia skruostą
šiaurryčio šokdinamas
rudenio lapas

Buvau porai dienų išvykęs į Briuselį. Per tą laiką čia niekas nepasikeitė, išskyrus kelis lapus, nukritusius man nematant. Pražiopsojau jų paskutinio veiksmo didybę.


Borut said...

Touching scene!:)

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe you didn't miss that much...As I know there is still some leaves on the trees. Try to catch them...

Tikkis said...

Welcome back! Just read Kerouac's Books of haikus, p. 10:

Well here I am,
2 PM --
What day is it?

Ričardas said...

Good question. Is it next day after yesterday or day before tomorrow? Or is it just a day?

capricorne said...

That depends on the way of thinking. It might be yesterday, today or tomorrow so past, present or future. And you can choose the best one...

Sandy said...

Very nice, Ricardas. It seems this is the time of year when everyones' mind is on falling leaves and windy tunes. ;)

turning gold


sakuo said...

Dear Ricardas San, I come from "everyday Issa".
I am sakuo.
Thank you for your visiting my site to leave kind comment.
Your asking to paint haiga to your haiku is hard work.
Because your falling leaves are quit different from my autumn leaves.
On the contrary, on your picture I write haiku. it is very easy.
Much easier is to translate your haiku to Japanese.
Any type of collaboration is possible between us.it depend on number of our works.


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