Oct 22, 2007

Every day at the same time in the morning crows are flying out of the town to the feeding grounds in the city rubbish dump. They fly together in long long flock passing by for an hour or so. In the evening, they all return to the city for a loud talk and sleep. Do we do the same? I keep wondering.

lonely crow
against the morning wind
late for the feast
vienišas varnas
ryte blaškomas šiaurio
puoton vėluoja

Kiekvieną dieną tuo pačiu metu iš ryto varnos skrenda iš miesto į užmiesčio savartyną maitintis. Jos skrenda kartu ilgu juodu būriu, slenkančiu iš miesto visą valandą ar net daugiau. Vakare jos grįžta į miestą triukšmingam "paliežuvavimui" ir miegui. Ar mes taip pat kaip tos varnos? Vis bandau suvokti skirtumus.


Ashi said...

Like this one Ricardas, the late bird and all.
It's an interesting story too.

polona said...

i watched our crows last winter and they seem to be doing the same thing.
well done.

Masago said...

Nice. We see something like that here in the summer time when we observe seagulls flying back and forth between the "dump" and a lake they like to go to at night.

Borut said...

Well, some of us do, some of us don't! I, for example, don't seem to be 'one of us'...!?:)

Tikkis said...

Every weekday mornings
I'm cycling downwards,
then at 4 PM back upwards, --
my head often emptied.
When to write haikus?

Ps. A good story!

Ričardas said...

Thanks to everybody for comming. Tikkis, I am sure you'll have plenty of time to write haiku after first snow. :)

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