Dec 9, 2007

forgotten apple
on a leafless tree ─
sour decoration
užmirštas vaisius
obels belapes šakas
Kalėdoms puošia


Masago said...


USpace said...

Tasty image...

the last apple
stranded on the tree
- the squirrel moves in

John McDonald said...

love it

Tikkis said...

We have some also,
birds are sometimes eating them.

An belated bird
delighted --
found an apple!

polona said...

it's interesting how they linger on those bare limbs...
nice one!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good one :)

Ričardas said...

Thanks to all for visiting and commenting.

Borut said...

The fable of the fox and the grapes out of reach... 'Sour anyway', the fox comments.

floots said...

especially like this one
thank you

Ričardas said...

borut, very nice association :)
floots, I'm pleased to please you :)

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