Dec 4, 2007

Haiku game finals

Finaly the Haiku game ended and it was a great pleasure to see all turns and twists in haiku line. It's up to you to judge if the telephone line is really that broken. Thanks to all who participated and shared time by writing, reading and commenting. If you like to participate in next round, please get in touch with me. And please, visit sites of all participants to read their poetry – just click on the names.

Galiausiai baigėsi mūsų Haiku žaidimas ir turiu pripažinti, kad buvo nepaprastai malonu stebėti netikėtus posūkius haiku linijoje. Palieku Jums spręsti ar mūsų telefono linija yra tikrai tokia sugedus. Ačiū visiems dalyvavusiems. Kas norėtų dalyvauti kitame rate, susisiekit su manim. O, ir neužmirškit apsilankyti dalyvių puslapiuose ir susipažinti su jų kūryba – tiesiog spustelkit ant jų vardų.

While gazing at the melting icicles I've whispered to Andrew:
Spoksodamas į varvančius varveklius aš pašnibždėjau Andrew:

dripping icicles –
cranky weather again
on the winter’s eve
varveklio lašas –
priešžiemis chuliganas
vėl kaulus laužo

In a dance with leaves, Andrew whispered to Franci:
Šokyje su lapais, Andrew pašnibždėjo Franci:

watching my breath
tumble in the wind –
dancing dead leaves

Still dreaming, Franci whispered to Capricorne in Hungarian:
Vis dar sapnuodamas, Franci vengriškai pašnibždėjo Capricorne:

winter advances
a sleek fox in the dark mist –
where dreams enter life
a tél írt nekem
hűvös, bús levelet
mely tova is szállt

Gazing upon stiffening ground, Capricorne whispered to Juliet in French:
Nužvelgdama stingstančią žemę, Capricorne prancūziškai pašnibždėjo Juliet:

grey clouds fall
on the ground so fragile –
winter awaits
le ciel gris tombe
sur la terre si fragile –
l'hiver attend

Looking for the truth, Juliet whispered to Corneliu in Italian:
Ieškodama tiesos, Juliet itališkai pašnibždėjo Corneliu:

the sky shouts
above the fragile earth -
the truth
il cielo grida
sulla terra fragile -
la verità

Enlightened by the morning sun, Corneliu whispered to Gillena in Romanian:
Apšviestas ryto saulės, Corneliu rumuniškai pašnibždėjo Gillena:

my truth
morning dew
dried by the sun
adevarul meu
roua diminetii
zvintata de soare

While listening to birds, Gillena whispered to Ruth:
Besiklausydama paukščių, Gillena pašnibždėjo Ruth:

yellow ixoras- -
a kiskadee is perched on
high voltage wires

Stunned by garden view, Ruth whispered to Ashi:
Abstulbinta sodo grožio, Ruth pašnibždėjo Ashi:

feathered beauty
poised above the garden –

While gazing at still melting icicles, Ashi whispered to me in Danish:
Vis dar spoksodamas į tirpstančius varveklius, Ashi daniškai pašnibždėjo man:

the feline waits
venter katten


SzélsőFa said...

wow, there were seven languages included.
It was a nice and challenging game!
Thank you for hosting it.
PLease let me know if you're having another one - I hope I can take part in that one too!

floots said...

beautiful and varied responses
good to read them all

Sandy said...

I thought your game was very clever. Maybe on your next one I can join in.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love it!
(good to see you now, too. :) )

Catnapping said...

these are beautiful. what a wonderful idea you shared. i hope you do it again. i'd love to read the results.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Great to see where it went! I enjoyed taking part!

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