Feb 12, 2008

I get up early and prepare for a small photo walk. Just before leaving the house, I look out of the window. Remaining small patches of snow on the hill side reflect morning sun. Few tits play around in the nut-tree. Everything looks just perfect for taking some shots. Then, my eyes unwillingly focus on the window surface.

low winter sun –
dusted fingerprints emerge
on the window

I suddenly remember year old robbery like it happened yesterday. Who is using my old camera now? I wonder and double-check the locks.

house alarmed
shy bird finally looks
into the clean lens

Atsikeliu anksti ir paskubomis susiruošiu nedideliam foto pasivaikščiojimui. Prieš išeinant žvilgteliu pro langą. Įkalnėje išlikę sniego lopinėliai atspindi rytmečio saulę. Kelios zylės žaidžia plikame lazdyne. Viskas atrodo idealiai keliems foto šūviams. Tada, mano žvilgsnis nevalingai sustoja ties pačiu langu. Staiga prisimenu metų senumo buto vagystę, lyg ji būtų įvykusi tik vakar. Kažin kas dabar naudojasi mano senu fotoaparatu? Dar kartą patikrinu ar gerai uždaryti langai ir durys.

vasario saulė –
senas piršto antspaudas
ant lango stiklo


John McDonald said...

very good

haiku-shelf said...

i enjoyed to read this, Ricardas!

window, camera lense -- interesting combination!

best wishes,

haiku-shelf said...

oh...sorry, i meant lens!

i got mixed up (lens > Linse)

Crafty Green Poet said...

I like the way this one flows, and goes somewhere unexpected too


...shy bird finally looks
into the clean lens...

I hope you took a great picture :)

polona said...

i enjoy your haibun. a great contrast between a dusted window and a clean lens

Ričardas said...

John - thanks.
Angelica - I'm glad you enjoyed. Juliet - I'm glad you found something surprising :)
Patricija - thanks, the bird is on the picture, but I still liked my old camera more than present one.
Polona - thanks for visiting. And yes it is a contrast. After my apartment was robbed, the police dusted some fingerprints on the window. Though long time past since then, I still keep one fingerprint uncleaned for me to remember to always double check the locks and put alarm on. Life looks much nicer through clean lens but it has much more than a nice view. Anyway, security measures allow me to spent time without worries and sit for hours while waiting for shy birds :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful! (this is funny - I used the word "dusted" in a senryu yesterday. must be on our minds. :)

Borut said...

The fears buried in the past, holding us back... from seeing clearly!?:)

Ričardas said...

Andrew - seems to be truth, dust is there :)
Borut - as always you are right, some things hold us back. Sometimes we want to be held back by some things and prefer to see things blurred by the dust.

Sandy said...

Your haibun is so reflective...I very much enjoyed it.


Bill said...

Very good.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

This is good. I love how past and present are sifted together.


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