Apr 6, 2008

louring sky –
blame on woodpecker
and myself
apniukęs dangus –
skuba kvailys apkaltint
genį ir save


polona said...

indeed, who is to blame? ;)

Borut said...

Are you two in the rain-making business!?:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely haiku. A police officer who writes haiku...well, will wonders ever cease?

qualcosa di bello said...

i think we are looking at similar skies! welcome back, you were missed. hope you had inspiring travels...

John McDonald said...

nice one

floots said...

i can hear that woodpecker
lovely moment
thank you


I stil here woodpecker from my haiku :)

very nice haiku, ričardas

Tikkis said...

Woodpeckers are nagging
old and tired trees...


Gillena Cox said...

'LOURING SKY' that one sent me to the dictionary

Hope you had a nice vacation

much love

magiceye said...


Ričardas said...

Polona, well, I could add my neighbor, airplane and fresh fish smell to the list :)
Borut, I am indeed, so is the bird :)
Maryt, thanks, that makes me most wonderful police officer on the globe... naturally, same way like I am in rain making business :)
qualcosa di bello, thanks for a warm welcome and my trip was truly inspiring in many ways.
John, I am glad to see you around
Floot, oh yes, he is loud enough to be heard across the seas especially in the morning
Patricija, I hear it too :)
Tikkis, you are right as always
Gilena, I found the word at the same place :)
magiceye, thanks for visiting.

Tikkis said...

Also I visited my Merriam-Webster and found the word 'louring' not wrong spelled but very attractive one!

Paul said...

the green woods
in springtime
are alive with sounds.

Paul said...

he pecks
on the tree

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