Apr 3, 2008

snow is gone –
mournful snowdrops
on the hillside
kalvos pašlaitė –
žiemos sniegui nutirpus
snieguolės gedi


polona said...

oh, nice... it's almost a month since they bloomed here... and we've had snow afterwards :)

Masago said...

Very nice.

Crafty Green Poet said...

oh I like that, specially the image of mournful snowdrops

John McDonald said...

nice and welcome back

magiceye said...

great to have you back! glad to know that you had a wonderful time.
and you have returned with a very beautiful hiku!

Jurgita said...

gražutės kokios :) nuleidusios galvas, baltos žiemos godotojos. gražu.

Andrea said...

This is very nice... I've added your blog in my bookmarks, if you dont mind... ;-)

Andrea said...

ops... I forgot to identify me


floots said...

glad you had a good trip
and this a beautiful offering
thank you

Ričardas said...

Polona, I hope we had already the last snow. You never know though...
Masago,Juliet, John, Magiceye, Floots, thanks for returning back to my humble site and commenting.
Andrea, I certainly do not mind. In any case, you are already on my list for a while. Thanks for visiting.
Jurgita, ačiū už apsilankymą ir džiaugiuosi, kad patiko.

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

How fitting. It is almost as if they are giving off their farewell to the winter. I liked this very much.

Soft love,

Borut said...

Snow, snow-drops, raindrops...!?:)

Ričardas said...

Tara, thanks for stopping by. I had the same feeling about those flowers when I saw them.
Borut, thanks for DROPPing by :)


very nice poste...and pic with snowdrops...always wonderful

Paul Damien Ellithorpe, aka Nowzenpaul said...

For Ričardas

tiny white snowdrops
dusting the greening hiilside-
one more snow to come

Tikkis said...

I'm tasting the words 'sniegui' and 'snieguoles'.

I don't understand Lithuanian, but this seems to sound nice!

Which of those words is 'snow'?

Ričardas said...

Patricija, I am glad you like it.
Paul, thanks, you got it so well, I could draw a picture from your verse.
Tikis, bon appetite :) 'sniegui' (sniegas) means 'snow' It's a really sweet word, cold meaning though

Orston said...

Very nice Haiku.
Regards - Marek

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