Sep 4, 2008

light raindrops
in my deep footprints
on the muddy path
lietaus lašeliai
mano giliuos pėdsakuos
dumblinam take


Masago said...

This says it all!

USpace said...

Great one, very visual, with texture and sound.

Ricardas returns -
many are glad he is fine
no need to worry

Nora said...

Lovely, Ricardas. I join uspace in welcoming you back to the web. Hope all is well.

Tikkis said...

I wonder where you have rambled,
but now we know it: in a very deep swamp?!

nobu said...

Ricardas san konnichiwa.
It's nice Haiku, I like it.

Jurgita said...

Perskaičiau ir prisiminiau, kad tą lietingą vakarą nostalgiškai pasiilgau rudens. o pėdsakai pripildyti lietaus.... jie tik parodo, kad neišvengiamai ateis laikas saulei. ;)

kouji said...

light raindrops... lovely.

Gillena Cox said...

glad you've 'rained' back

much love


these day I also have rain in my shoes...

...and I've got an award for you, so you can pick it up on my blog :)

Ink and Stone said...

That gave me a nice visualization!

haiku-shelf said...

i like it that the expression deep is in the middle of the haiku

deep footsteps, deep thoughts

Ashi said...

Nice touch Ricardas,

On my path
no raindrops
autumn leaves
suppressing my footsteps

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Very Nice Ricardo. It is nice to have you back.


Bill said...

Ricardas, I think you mean "footprints."


very lovely one.

qualcosa di bello said...

i have missed are you?

vtpoet said...

I'm happy to have just found your blog Ricardas. (I've been looking for different Haiku blogs.)

Consider me a daily visitor.

haiku-shelf said...

we miss you, Ricardas!

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

I wish I could hear the lithuanian version spoken out loud. Beautiful.

kuni_san said...

I have not made haiga for a while, but I can see that there are so many haiku being posted on so many blogs, and I am beginning to feel like making haiga again.

Tikkis said...

Today is Winter solstice.
Day after tomorrow and the Sun will climb just little higher!

Happy Season for you, Ricardas!

USpace said...

I hope you're OK Ricardas, hang in there. Happy Holidays!


we all have our special ones
drink responsibly

world economy depends
on massive celebrations

for the holidays
we must get together
- before they are over

ancient feelings
days will get longer again

haiku-shelf said...

I´m just back from the Baltic Sea, Ricardas. We (my family and I) stayed there for the holidays (Christmas).

It would be wonderful if you would return to your blog, dear Ricardas!

May 2009 bring health, luck and prosperity for you!

Best wishes,

Patricija said...

New Year always bring us special pleasure.
Let all your greatest wishes come true.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009, Patricija

Ashi said...

Happy New Year Ricardas where ever you are.

Ron Eklof said...

It's been a while since your last post. Your vision is missed. May the birds of inspiration lead your fingers to the keyboard that we may know you are with us.

haiku singer said...

That's a very good haiku. Very visual and i'm drawn to its images.
Hope to read more of your compositions.

You can check other Haiku's here at
You can add your compositions there too!

haiku singer

Alex said...

if only the birds
could feed us pieces of sky
in return for bread

Haiku Poems said...

Velvet black, like coal,
Supper incinerated.
I could burn water.

Bhalachandra said...

It presents a sadness and affinity at the same time. Well done.

justin said...

Hey I love your blog. You (and your readers) should submit some haiku to our blog:

Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful Haiku poems here. Thank you..

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