Jul 5, 2009

Crash, then another
Ever closer to my heart
Silent, fallen trees
Trenksmas, dar vienas
Kaip niekad arti širdies
Virtę du medžiai

In memory of my parents
Vydas-Juozas 1946-2008
Aldona 1944-2009


Masago said...

I'm with you on this...

Tikkis said...

In the deep forest
I'm listening for trees --
some don't talk anymore

Devika said...

That was too touching, Fallen trees are a sight I can't bear to see,

Good set here,
never seen your name before... but, here I most of the names I know well :)

will keep visting, Ricardas, I am a student of haiku and enjoy the form so much,


John McDonald said...

great and great to see you back again

Ashi said...

So you are back - good.
nice piece this one.

haiku-shelf said...

Your haiku touches my heart!

I'm happy that you're back, Ricardas!

Best wishes,

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

This is a wonderful piece. So happy you have returned. I have missed you!

Soft love,

Ričardas said...

Thanks to all for a warm welcome. :)

Ron Eklof said...

Two trees have fallen
Others were here to witness
This forest still grows

So good to hear your voice, Ricardas

Patricija said...

nice one :)

and I am so happy that you are back

capricorne said...

A very strong, very nice and also sad....

Laure said...

i really like the percussive juxtaposed to the silence ... and your heart in the middle of it all.

USpace said...

Ricardas - This is beautiful; I'm very sorry for your loss, but it's good to have you back. Hang in there, be well.

Bringing Peter Over (A Dream)
About six months after his death
my late friend's widow had a dream:

Kevin is sitting out front in his car, apparently waiting for someone...

Then, someone having gotten in,
the car drives off with two people inside.

The next morning she learns
that his favorite uncle Petey
has joined him in the next world...


Spanish Translator said...

what a worried heart you have now, but soon it shall be happy and gay

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Ki said...

Very powerful!

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