May 10, 2008

too far afield
in the city downtown –
a dandelion fuzz
sklendžia vienišas –
pūkas pienės paklydęs
tarp miesto mūrų


nobu said...

I have a feeling of freedom, when I see fluff of danderion. It can fly to anywhere blown by the wind. and feeling of loneliness,too.

polona said...

ah, they get anywhere... it's doubtful if they can start a new generation, though... but just a little dust in a crack can suffice

FARfetched said...

They'll grow anywhere there's a crack in the pavement or some other way to get their roots into dirt & moisture. I've always liked the way they look… never figured out why people think they're weeds.

John McDonald said...

good one

haiku-shelf said...

well done!

i hope this fuzz will find a crack...

but to be honest...i`ve ambivalent feelings about dandelions...they are beautiful and they are everywhere...(where i don`t like them...)

Bill said...

Dandelions know no limits

a dandelion
holds its ground

Ashi said...

If anyone can survive they can - nice one Ricardas. (PS. I like yours too Bill :) )

Mandy said...

Excellent word-choices here

Masago said...

Yes, it is that time of year.

Ričardas said...

Nobu, freedom indeed which is often followed by loneliness.

Polona, life always finds it's ways into the smallest cracks and dandelions are very good at that.

Farfetched, I understand you, it's hard to regard them as weeds... before you have to take care of strawberries in your garden

John, thanks.

Angelika, I hope so too and probably not in the places you don't like :)

Bill, thanks for the great addition

Ashi, they are indeed true survivors

Mandy, thanks a lot.

Masago, I wish it lasted longer.

Borut said...

Urban fuzziness...Captures my own mood pretty well!?:)

Jurgita said...

vienišas ir... laisvas.

magiceye said...

survival of the fittest

Crafty Green Poet said...

dandelion fuzz - I love it! They're growing more than ever this year in Edinburgh

Paul Damien Ellithorpe, aka Nowzenpaul said...

Amazing writing. Thanks

USpace said...

Excellent! Dandelions are tough, I'm sure their fuzz is too. They will survive!

spreading far and wide
- working to survive

Gillena Cox said...

a blackbird swoops to pickup -
biscuit crumbs

much love

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really like this one! You need to come back :)

haiku-shelf said...

i hope that you`re ok, Ricardas!

best wishes,

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

Ricardo where are you? I simply loved this. Just today I was driving around and those fuzzy things were everywhere. Igt was like soft warm snow that didn't make you want to run inside.

soft love,

Ričardas said...

Thanks to all for visiting my page even though I haven't been updating it for a while. My apologies to those who have been worrying about my absence. I am fine although frequent travels for my work and some personal issues had taken me away from things I like for a while. I am back :)

blog newbie said...

Lovely image. :) Like the idea of that bit of soft nature, surrounded by concrete and urban harshness.

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