Jul 18, 2009

Shallow pond –
Fishes drizzle
In a cloudless sky
Seklus tvenkinys –
Žuveliokai krapnoja
Giedrame danguj


Devika said...

i am already introduced to the "same above as below" haikus...but this interests me for the chice of the word "drizzle"

wonderful haiku, Ricardas :)


Devika said...

**choice of the word

Gillena Cox said...

fishes drizzle, interesting Line 2

much love

John McDonald said...

good one

Crafty Green Poet said...

I love the image of the fish drizzling...

Paul said...

in that shallow pond
fishes dozing
in the midday sun.

haiku-shelf said...

I'm Gillena's echo: An interesting line 2!

Best wishes,

Tikkis said...

# 1

my fishing rod
trying to catch
a cloud

# 2

shoal of small fish --
ripples on the lake's
calm surface


Nice to read your haiku again here!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well done! (it was nice to come back here. it's been too long. )

Giedrute said...

Giedrame danguje....
Chi chi chi :)

Alberto said...

hi I'm Alberto from Italy, I think that your haiku are brilliant..

I have just began to write my haiku blog.
please, tell me waht you think about my haiku..


Andrea said...

Hi, Ricardas! After a long time, it's nice to be here again... I really like your latest haiku... a good one indeed!


Jake Munn said...

Really enjoying reading your haikus; if you get a chance drop in on my blog and have a read of my own haikus and tell others you think might like them!
Keep it coming,


Paul said...

deep in the pond
cool water,
fish dozing.

Sam!! said...

Nice one..

God bless you!

Anthony Souls said...

Liked the concept of a cloudless sky representing the water.

~ http://artcomet.blogspot.com

Rachat crédit surendettement said...

Speachless. great work around.!!

Arunava Mukherjee said...

nice blog...will b back soon.
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Short Poems said...

Nicely done!

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